Since he was a child, Manuel, (the owner), was always surrounded by alcohols, wines and spirits, since his parents Ana and Manuel ran a family business selling these same products, and to whom, both Manuel and his 4 fantastic sisters, they helped whenever they could.


As a teenager, never neglecting his studies, he spent summers delivering with his father’s truck (Mr. Hernández Vera, alias “Terror de la Carretera”).


This allowed him to know first-hand all the aspects of distribution, which are not learned in the university, where Manuel graduated in Business Sciences. After finishing his degree, he started the Highland Gold project , hereinafter HG Mallorca. In it, he has been dedicating every second of his life with his wife, who has been an incalculable support to pass all those bad times and potholes, which have been going back since 2000, and until today.


Much has changed in 20 years, but there is something that remains unchanged, the illusion of doing things the best one knows, and continuing to learn day by day with the commitment to our suppliers, customers and above all, the true architects of this story, our employees, without them, obviously all this would not have been possible. We also have a great social commitment and we support various charitable causes as well as sports projects for our municipality and our community, such as the HG CALVIA CUP Christmas tournament and the famous Santa Ponsa Cup, of grassroots football and that have the best quarries, etc …


Today HG is the “home” of more than 40 people and we have the trust of more than 2000 clients, in addition to representing the distribution of brands with our same philosophy and in most cases, they are a mirror in which we look at ourselves, Estrella Galicia, Bodegas LAN, Pigoudet, Bodegas Rubiejo, Hermanos de Villar, Bodegas Patrocinio, Egobodegas …


“For me there is no better client than the one who ends up being a friend”


We have more than 3000 meters of space , including a fantastic store specializing in Wines and all kinds of drinks, in addition to distributing we have 11 trucks and 4 vans, where we cover practically the entire island.